We provide a scalable way for people to receive recommendations for action by telephone. Besides addressing specific questions about symptoms, we also assess the phonetics of the voice and can thus identify not only the semantic context but also dysphonia. Dysphonia is a reliable indicator of shortness of breath, which is an acute symptom of COVID19 disease. Using AI-based real-time processing, we also detect coughing and other audible symptoms and can, therefore, provide accurate diagnostic recommendations for hotline agents. This 'hidden' support should be beneficial for agents, as users often tend to report false symptoms to increase the likelihood of being tested. We respect all privacy policies in this regard by avoiding the storage of any personal data. To be able to continue to utilize the given information, we encode the entire conversation into a word pair, which the caller receives at the end of the conversation. With the help of these word pairs, doctors/clinics and research institutions can reconstruct the data and link it to the corresponding person, as long as the patient shares the word pair.

OriginStamp is the timestamping service that utilizes Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to create tamper-proof timestamps of any digital content. As developer and inventor of the technical process behind OriginStamp, scalability and security are the goals for this new technology. With OriginStamp you can secure your audit trails & digital records without relying on a third party. This technology plays an essential role in the digitization. Companies need to trust the basis and the outcomes of their processes. Without the knowledge of origin, companies do not operate secure resulting in manual work although automation was the initiator for digitization.