About Myself

Technology already plays an essential role in our daily lives. Not everything makes sense and even less is perfect, but we have to find solutions without losing sight of our customers. Digital does not always mean that it is better, which is why the evaluation of future business models and suitable technologies must be critically examined and carried out.


Years Professional Experience


Scientific Publications


Awards for my work


Project Management 95%

Technologies 85%

IT Management & Workflows 80%

Software Architecture 95%

IT Security 75%

My passion

My passion is the development of a sustainable strategy for digitization and process automation. This also requires a certain hands-on mentality and creativity to find the best solution for a challenge.



Plan and structure your processes for automation to increase the efficiency of your organization.


New businesses

Freemium, P2P, decentralization. Implement the future of your cooperate today. What are the criteria to be successful in our digitized world?

Distributed Ledger

Distributed Ledger Technology

Automation means to avoid human error. But how you built trustful processes? DLT is the key to regain trust in your digitized business.


Artificial Intelligence

Data is the new oil. Processes rely on AI reducing complexity and finally reducing costs.


Privacy Protection

Preserving of confidential data is important. Insufficient protection of data harms your business. Using modern technologies, we can protect the most central part of your business.

Open Source

Open Source

Public money - public code. Moreover, Open Source software plays an essential role for trust in technologies.

My Projects

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Need to accelerate / plan / perform your digital projects? Together we implement modern solutions and built new business models offering new opportunities for your business.